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  • An instructional design system based on learning styles and hemispheric stroke.
  • A model training programs to create more dynamic, flexible and attractive to connect to all participants.
  • A tool to understand and engage employees with different learning styles.
  • A process for improving the effectiveness and impact of communication in teams.


"4MAT is a very powerful tool for structuring courses being sure that the item will be bright ... I 4mateado courses for technical and operational areas of the company and the experience is very satisfactory and that staff has taken them much faster has applied the knowledge acquired with a regular course. "

Ivonne Gallarzo

Instructional Design Center Grupo Salinas

4MAT System was initially created to help children and youth of the U.S. educational system to improve their achievement through the use of learning styles. Gradually, the system was also adopted by many universities around the world and, later, made his triumphal entry into public and private organizations as Boeing, 3M, U.S. Navy, Ikea, Disney Institute, Estée Lauder, Center for Creative Leadership, and other health sector organizations, Financial Services, Commercial, Government and NGOs, among others.

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