Our group of experts has developed our own measurement and diagnosis solutions, based on theories and world-class research in relation to human talent.

Job vs Person Compatibility - HUMAN

HUMAN measures talent through an online testing system that helps to select, develop and promote the right people. By an alignment between personal values and the work assigned to the job by the corporate objectives.

Vocational Guidance - ChooseRight

It is a vocational guidance system based on individual strengths. It helps in the process of choosing a career and developing a Life and Career Plan.

Skills Assessment Center

It is a specialized evaluation that allows people to evaluate the skills necessary to successfully perform a job by simulation of the work environment. It detects, accuray and objectively the different powers that people have and the level of development they have achieved.

360° Perceived Competences

It is a method to evaluate the talents of the person through the perceptions of those who interact with him/her. In this evaluation participate: heads, partners, colleagues, peers and internal customers among others

Organizational Climate

It diagnoses among others; perception and satisfaction, the level of commitment, communication and work environment. We help identify the factors that further impact the level of satisfaction and employee engagement.

Suspect Detection Systems - SDS

SDS is a system that detects the intentions of the person through a technology
invasive, is the only system that measures and analyzes multiple physical reactions scientifically
involuntary in 5 minutes.

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