Solutions & Services Measurement and Diagnosis SDS - Suspect Detection Systems


How many crimes could be prevented by a detection system for criminal intent?

SDS is a system that detects the intentions of the person through a technology
invasive, is the only system that measures and analyzes multiple physical reactions scientifically
involuntary in 5 minutes.
SDS helps both post-crime investigations, as in the prevention of the
identify suspects.
SDS provides the same level of 95% of the polygraph, to be the only systems that
BVP and GSR sensors used with the advantage that SDS is an automated process without
human intervention.

"The biggest fear of the security guard at an airport, let terrorists is smart enough not to arouse suspicion. SDS provides a machine that detects them."

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  • 95% confidence intervals.
  • Automated.
  • Questioning gets faster than real-time information for decision making. Noninvasive.
  • Multilingual.
  • The system analyzes historical data and study patterns.
  • Authentication and biometric identification documents.
  • The databases store personal details and test results. Save: video, voice, fingerprints and documents, for use in tracking and research.


Allows the detection and investigation in order to isolate dangerous criminals and employees;
checkpoints, access, boundaries, interrogations, crime scenes and war zones
field operation. Emphasizing on the corporate world:

  • Interrogations and investigations of different types (which can be customized).
  • Testing of integrity for employees and staff recruitment.
  • Reliability Testing for visitors and contractors.
  • Loss prevention and identification of threats.
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